The Gullah Nation Of North America (GNONA) is a nationalist movement and self governance organization founded by proud and patriotic Gullah’s desiring to govern our communities throughout the United States Gullah/Geechee Heritage Corridor and beyond the coastal low country and sea islands spanning territorially from approximately Jacksonville, North Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida along the Southeastern coastline of North America

Our purpose is for the social, economic, and political upliftment and advancement of all Gullah’s. GNONA members pledge to enforce the human rights of all Gullah communities to be self governing, preserve our culture, and produce an independent economic system of Gullah owned property and business networks, co ops, and collectives.

In honor and respect of our Gullah ancestors, we the people of the great and mighty Gullah Nation Of North America have birthed this nationalist movement to indiscriminately serve the historic and holistic interests of Gullah people as an integral part and parcel of the global African family of nations.

BSANI is the partnered implementation arm of the Gullah-Sierra Leone Redemption Mission.

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