African Women’s Empowerment Network “AWEN”, pronounced (Ah “I” Win)

The AWEN concept was inspired from the Ubuntu principle, cemented in sisterhood and evolution. “I Am My Sisters Keeper”. “IF YOU WIN, I WIN”. “I AM, BECAUSE YOU ARE”, and so forth. AWEN is an exclusively global Pro African association of African women, on a mission to develop a well co-ordinated, efficient and effective network for the purpose of stimulating an African centered social support network, and social welfare system for social change, as well as to facilitate the holistic health & economic development of African women, regardless of religion, culture, nationality, political affiliations, or socio-economic backgrounds.


Ms. Victoria Victorious Wanjiro Eley M.Ed. is a wholistic educator, healer and founder of Califa Consulting LLC. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Victoria was a foster child. Upon emancipation she went on to earn a BA in Ethnic Studies and a BS in Child & Adolescent Development from CSU Fullerton and a Masters degree in Education from MILLS College. Over the last 15 years Victoria has studied, taught, conducted research, and serves as a liaison between her networks in America and Africa. Victoria is most notably known for curating and connecting programs that integrate scholarship, activism and wholistic healing throughout the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Ghana, West Africa.

Victorious knew she would be more of an asset to the world by organizing and aligning herself with other community members and social entrepreneurs within her global network. All can benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach to education, travel and wellness. However Victorious specializes in wholistic healing for those descendants of the slave trade.

Victorious knew it was time to start Califa Consulting Wholistic Education Consultancy & Califa Travel when she had more experience and knowledge working with families and youth that have experienced trauma than her superiors. Additionally, Victorious knows the deep healing possible to the descendants of the slave trade by having a wholistic Pan African experience.

In addition to her academic pursuits Victorious has also completed various wholistic health and wellness certifications and trainings:

MaYoni’at Womb Yoga certification

RaSekhi Energy Healing certification

Nia Healing Center for Birth & Family Life’s doula training

Birth Mama’s Postpartum Training

Como Te Amo’s Sealing Ceremony training

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training; Piedmont Yoga; Piedmont, California

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training: Ekam Yogashala; Rishikesh, India

Victorious uses education and wholistic healing to repair, heal & transcend the harmful effects of capitalism, colonization & hegemony. She is most notably known for curating and connecting programs that integrate scholarship, activism and wholistic healing throughout the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Ghana, West Africa. Victorious maintains her own inner peace through travel, meditation, spending time in nature, sunbathing, reading, and channeling divinity through social and ceremonial dance.


Califa Consulting LLC.

Califa Consulting is a wholistic education consultancy that provides culturally-responsive academic & wellness curriculum, workshops and classes for families, schools and organizations.

Califa Consulting provides academic home school support, social emotional coaching, nutrition and wellness advising in addition to Ra Sekhi energy healing, Ari Ankh Ka womb yoga and other Pan African centered healing arts.  We work with our clients to create a customized multi-pronged approach that guides our clients in carrying out their wholistic wellness plan.

Califa Consulting officially launched January 1st 2020. Califa Consulting is based out of both Oakland, California and Ghana, West Africa.

“As women, we are the bedrock of society, and if our relationship with one another is not built on a foundation of love, respect and unity, the community as a whole suffers. The advancement of our nation is only measured by the progress of its women. We are sister’s first and foremost, and do not view one another as competition. As sister’s we are on the same team, working on the same mission to achieve common goals. If “I WIN, YOU WIN”!

  – Kenya Malinke Mansaray – AWEN’s Founder