…A nation can rise no higher than it’s women…

Historically, African women play an integral role in the family dynamic.  A well run household is paramount to the well-being and foundation of the family, of that there is no doubt. 

However our traditional systems have been disrupted by colonialism which caused strife, misunderstanding, and confusion about what our roles should be. 

A.W.E.N. was created for this reason.  It’s founder Kenya Malinke Mansaray sums up the organization’s mission as follows:

“As women, we are the bedrock of society, and if our relationship with one another is not built on a foundation of love, respect and unity, the community as a whole suffers. The advancement of our nation is only measured by the progress of its women. We are sister’s first and foremost, and do not view one another as competition. As sister’s we are on the same team, working on the same mission to achieve common goals. If “I WIN, YOU WIN”!

-Kenya Malinke Mansaray

Meet Our Members

Kenya Malinke mansare

Kenya Malinke Mansaray is a native Chicagoan, of Gullah Geechee heritage that has resided in Sierra Leone, West Africa since 2015 where she serves as the Chairperson for the Gullah Redemption Mission Sierra Leone..

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nehanda sankofa

Nehanda Sankofa is a mother/community activist/community organizer/workshop facilitator/youth worker and mentor…

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Priestess V

Ms. Victoria Victorious Wanjiro Eley M.Ed. is a wholistic educator, healer and founder of Califa Consulting LLC. Born and raised in Los Angeles…

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aliyah mahdi

Aliyah Mahdi grew up in Akron, Ohio, she is a wife to an amazing husband (RJ Mahdi) who has taken on a leadership role in this repatriation movement…

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