The people behind BSANI


Chief Foday Ajamu Mansaray

Executive Director & Founder

Chief Foday Ajamu Mansaray is the founder and executive director of the Black Star Action Network International (BSANI), chief executive officer of the Gullah Redemption Mission Sierra Leone (GRM-SL), and III paramount chief of the Gullah Nation of North America (GNONA) community association and organization. He has dedicated over 20 years of his life as a grassroots activist and international organizer to the cause of Pan African unity, liberation, and economic emancipation for Africa and African people; those at home and throughout the diaspora.

Chief Foday also serves as the West Africa ambassador of the UNIA-ACL Rehabilitating Committee 2020. As a modern African diaspora repatriate with seven years’ experience living in the motherland, he champions the cause of repatriation through BSANI as one of the six organizations that formed the Exodus Alliance in May 2020.


Kenya Malinke Mansaray


Kenya is a Chicago native who made her repatriation to Sierra Leone, West Africa in 2015. She is the co-founder and President of BSANI. Her role includes organizing on an international level, developing and implementing campaigns and projects, as well as forming diplomatic relationships.

Kenya is also the founder of African Women’s Empowerment Network (AWEN), a women’s social support and empowerment network which is a sub organization under BSANI. Over the years she has committed much of her life to serving African people with an emphasis on women’s empowerment, educational training, economics, and health awareness.

She envisions a better Africa for African people, and her mission is to educate and empower African women to develop themselves through the transformative power of communal sisterhood and empowerment initiatives.


BaBa Senghor Jawara Heru Baye

International Coordinator

BaBa Senghor is the international coordinator of BSANI. While serving over 40 years in the UNIA-ACL in various capacities, one of his more esteemed roles was that of president general from 2008 to 2016. He is currently serving as the first assistant president general of the UNIA-ACL Rehabilitating Committee, consultant for the Collective Black People’s Movement, founding member of UsLiftingUs and the chief field organizer of the Pan African Federalist Movement of North America. BaBa Senghor is the proud father of three daughters and grandfather of four grandchildren, two stepchildren and one step grandchild.

His grassroots organizing has taken him to Senegal, Ghana, Morocco, Brazil, Belize, Jamaica, Trinidad, Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, Virgin Islands, Haiti, the UK, and all over the USA. He is the co-manager of Harambee Internet Radio and also a poet, author and percussionist.

Currently, BaBa Senghor resides in Banneker City Washington, DC.


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