September 2020

The Digital Divide is Real

Melissa Obi There is tremendous power and opportunities that technology provides to communities – particularly historically disenfranchised minority communities. [row] [col span__sm=”12″] [row_inner] [col_inner span__sm=”12″] In this age of technology, “digital exclusion” means that disenfranchised communities, families, and individuals are left farther behind without access to online resources for education, communication and a gateway to …

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Amilcar Cabral & Mathematics Instruction

Akil Parker It is of great importance to honor our revolutionary heroes that were committed to the revolutionary struggle for African independence and humanity. Birthdays are an excellent opportunity to partake in this practice. This is beneficial in teaching our youth about these individuals, the collectives they were part of as well as the ideologies …

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September Update

The Cushi Podcast BSANI’s executive director, Chief Foday Ajamu Mansaray recently sat down with The Cushi Podcast to discuss the diaspora connection to Africa among other things. [button text=”Listen to the interview” link=””] [gap height=”50px”] Tools & Seeds [gap] [ux_image id=”660″ height=”50%”] [gap] In other BSANI news, The Tools N Seeds Farmers Assistance Project planted 20 …

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