Marcus Garvey

A Poem by Dwayne Wong Omowale

Where did you go
Mighty Marcus
Where’s your dreams
Where’s your hopes

We watched in admiration
When you were in your prime
We cheered and joined up
For the Black Star Line

You gave us hope
You gave us pride
We flaunted our African identity
And never tried to hide
Well, where did you go

Marcus Garvey
You made us stand tall
With pride on our face
We listened eagerly
When you said
“Up You Mighty Race”
We looked to Africa
We looked for a Black king
Because your words told us
That we were something

From Jamaica to Africa
You made the Negro world rise
How we loved it
Rastas said you prophesized
Well, where are you Marcus?

You said you went home
Home to make Africa free
So that all of Africa may know
The Honorable Marcus Garvey

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