South Africa

Mzolo Veja Veli I grew up under Apartheid South Africa, the White Supremacy System that kept Afrikans subjugated in every area of their lives. Under Apartheid everyone in South Africa was categorized under a particular race and every movement of their lives was monitored accordingly. Whites were at the top, followed by Indians, then Coloreds(mixed […]

Surveillance Capitalism & the Commodification of Data

Melissa Obi The absorption of data has lent itself to commodification. Everything about you is for profit. Within a very short period of time, technological technocrats have developed new business models, shifted power relations and, in the end, created a new form of capitalism, “Surveillance Capitalism.”  This is a new form of capitalism that also […]

Revolutionary Education Through Technology

OnTay Johnson In my last article, I talked about how during these times, while quarantined, we have an opportunity to start looking at alternative forms of education. Now, I want to look at a specific method of doing so. I have been looking at the creation and growth of online education and specifically, Khan Academy.  […]

August Update

Where can we find practical Garveyism? We commemorate the revolutionary life and struggles of George Jackson this month but Black August is about the history of African resistance, since Queen Ann Nzinga fought the Portuguese in the 17th century, to the creation of the UNIA by the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey and his creation of the […]